Songs We Sing in the Truck

Tonight, I was feeling tired and worn down by a long week and an oppressive load of work to accomplish over the weekend which includes: trying to solve a vexing administrative problem, grading the last 10 of 27 Social Psychology exams, 37 papers for Movies & Madness class, science fair data analysis with Emma, getting the kids to and from Saturday dance classes, Emma’s friends coming over to work on Model UN stuff, laundry that still isn’t sorted from last weekend, new laundry, groceries, Ian’s parents, the horses… I admit it; I’m officially overwhelmed. I got home and all I could imagine doing was laying on the couch so I did. But that just made me feel worse. I had two choices, admit defeat and go to bed or get back up.

I started with cleaning my truck. My husband teases me that for the first few years of our marriage, the gifts I asked for were all somehow related to cleaning.  His favorite of these gifts is the vacuum which is specifically designed to be used for taking dust and dirt off the horses. Imagine a shop vac with a really powerful but quiet motor. I don’t know why but I clean when I’m stressed. By the time I was done with the interior of my truck, I was cold but feeling better and I was determined to avoid getting sucked back into a funk. I walked into the house and told the girls to get their coats. We proceeded to pick up a library book for Emma, get the outside of the truck almost as clean as the inside at the car wash, and get movies and video games for the weekend.  This meant making a loop around half the township.

It has become our habit to listen to music in the truck when we are going anywhere. Sometimes this just involves Emma playing whatever was on Glee last week (I don’t think I will ever forgive them for doing Red Solo Cup).  There are days, like today, where the music takes on an entirely different purpose.  We pick songs that pick us up not just because of what they say but also because we sing them together.

So here’s our playlist from tonight’s neighborhood jaunt:

P!nk F**kin’ Perfect (the video does have triggers)

Lady GaGa Born This Way

Selena Gomez Who Says

Kelly Clarkson Stronger

Taylor Swift Mean

I really love it that these are songs my girls have chosen. They all have empowering things to say about standing your ground and valuing yourself. We pulled in the drive singing Mean at the top of our lungs. The song wasn’t over when we got in the garage so we just sat there singing until it ended.  When it did end, I said, “We’re weird.”  Without missing a beat, Emma said, “We’re not weird. We’re amazing.” She’s right.

When it did end, I said, “We’re weird.”  Without missing a beat, Emma said, “We’re not weird. We’re amazing.” She’s right. 

Other favorites we belt out on longer drives or just when the spirit moves us:

Bruno Mars The Lazy Song

Gin Wigmore Don’t Stop

Grouplove Tongue Tied

Nicki Minaj Fly & Super Bass (Emma raps… No really, she does)

Adele Rumor Has It & Set Fire to the Rain

Oh Land We Turn It Up

OK Go White Knuckles & Here It Goes Again

Travie McCoy Billionaire

Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks

Squeeze Black Coffee in Bed  & Cool for Cats

Things they sing with their dad in his car:

Anything by the Beatles

Warren Zevon Werewolves of London

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody (Glee is to blame for them learning the lyrics)

They used to sing these when they were little:

Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine

Sheryl Crow Soak Up the Sun & Steve McQueen


About Tammy Daily

I am a professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Mount Union. My training is as a Social Psychologist and I study the impact of negative images of people with mental illness in the mass media. I have been teaching a class since 2004 called Movies and Madness which examines the ways in which people with mental illness and mental health care providers are presented in the mass media.

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  1. I love it. Music has power and it gains power when we share it with each other!

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