About Me

Originally from Sunbury, Ohio, Dr. Tamara Daily earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1988.  She pursued her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Social/Personality Psychology with a specialization in Law Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduating in 1993.  Her research interests include the stigma associated with people with mental illness, the impact of stigmatizing images of people with mental illness in media on attitudes and predictions of dangerousness, the use of first person narratives in teaching psychology, stakeholder perceptions of access to the mental health system, and mindfulness.  She is currently the Lewis Miller Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Human Development at the University of Mount Union.  She lives in Canton, Ohio with her husband, and two daughters.

Feel free to contact her at dailyta@mountunion.edu or 330-823-2457.

Curriculum Vitae

Faculty Lecture 2012 (Effect of Program Type & Presence of Public Service Announcements on Attitudes toward People with Mental Illness)

Hearing Voices Study (The Effect of Participation in a Hearing Voices Workshop on Perceptions of People with Mental Illness)


  1. Dr. Daily:
    I came across your blog from reading your posting about the Prairie Home Companion episode regarding ADHD. I suffer from major depression and am concerned about our yound adult population’s increasing stress levels in lives surrounded by sexual and violent paradigms.
    I have been developing innovative ways for young adults to cope with LIFE and encourage you to read my “ComCage” and “KID’S CLUB” posts on my blog here at WordPress. I am working on the project alone and am seeking influential people and organization staff to help me.
    Best regards,
    Duane Wyatt DVM

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