Week Day Topic / Subject Readings Assignments Due
1 4 June Stigma as a Social Problem Wahl Chapters 1-4


5 June The Irish Context

Ar Intinn Eile Episode 1 (50 min.)


Irish Attitudes toward Mental Health

Stigma of Mental Illness in Ireland

6 June Screening: The Butcher Boy (111 min.)   Select and read FPN book
2 11 June Discussion: The Butcher Boy Sweeney

Merskin pp. 44-57

Wedding et al. ODD/Conduct Disorder, Antisocial

First Person Narrative Essay due
12 June Screening: On the Edge (86 min.)    
13 June Discussion: On the Edge Wedding et al. Borderline

Wedding et al. Depression

Stigma Buster Proposal due
3 18 June Screening: Brothers (105 min.)    
19 June Discussion: Brothers Wedding & Hoffman

Wedding et al. PTSD, TBI

Papayanis pp. 111-124

20 June Screening: Dirty Filthy Love (94 min.)   Film Analysis Essay Proposal due
4 25 June Discussion: Dirty Filthy Love Calder-Sprackman et al.

VanDyke & Zuckerman

Wedding et al. OCD, OCPD, Panic, Trichotillomania

26 June Screening: Patrick’s Day (102 min.)    
27 June Discussion: Patrick’s Day Monahan

Wedding et al. Schizophrenia, Dissociative Identity Disorder

Film Analysis Essay due
29 July Screening: The Drummer and the Keeper (90 min.)    
5 2 July Discussion:  The Drummer and the Keeper Nordahl-Hansen et al.

Wedding et al. Bipolar Disorder

Wedding et al. Autism Spectrum Disorder


Stigma Buster Project due
3 July   Wahl Chapters 5-8  
4 July Stigma Buster Presentations    

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